Single Hop APA Experiment III: Single Hop with a Vengeance

It’s been a while since our last single hop experiment, so it’s time to fix that. Round three of the always tasty, always enlightening RIFT Single Hop Pale Ale extravaganza will get underway this spring, with tastings being done at the May meeting. Anyone who wants to participate will make a simple American pale ale […]

Multi-Yeast Amber Ale Experiment

It’s time again for another Big Brew, and another RIFT club experiment. October’s Big Brew, tentatively scheduled for Saturday, October 23, will be held at John’s Garage/Nanobrewery and we’ll be brewing up 50 gallons of amber ale hopped with Fuggles. For the experiment, everyone will go home with 5 gallons of wort and pitch a […]