Single Hop Pale Ale 3: The Tasting

Single Hopped BeersAt our May meeting, RIFTers cracked open the results of our single hop pale ale experiment (round 3). All the beers came out great, with a definite difference among all the varieties. Here are some tasting notes from club members.

Big thanks for Mark L. and Matt J. for taking excellent notes, especially as those later samples really started to run together. Vote in the poll below on your favorite variety.

Variety Aroma Flavor
Ahtanum peppery, peanut, lemon jolly rancher, earthy/musty, plum, floral mild bitterness, mild overall
Amarillo orange, good skunk, plastic good bitterness
Calypso strawberry, watermelon, cantelope, peach, wet dog blueberry, strawberry
Citra grapefruit, lime, papaya, catty, pine lime, citrus
Comet balsam fir, piney, bubble gum, herbal initial scent very mild, nondescript
Falconer’s Flight citrus, clean, malty, alcohol citrus, piney, clean
Green Bullet green apple, grass grassy, weedy, soft bitterness
HBC 342 watermelon, strawberry very mild
Mosaic pineapple, passion fruit, cantelope, papaya, kiwi similar to aromas
Nelson Sauvin white grape, unique, tangerine
Pacific Gem peanuts, burnt sugar, sweet fruit, apple, dark berries harsh bitterness
Sybilla wet dog, grapes, soapy, flowery, waxy, malty, cabbage mild bitterness, sweet lager flavor
Junga prunes, fiberglass, acetone, clean malt, waxy sex wax (thanks Tom!)
Zythos berry, bubble gum, strawberry, fruity, light spice mild bitterness, clean, strawberry grapefruit


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