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Cider Pressing 2013

One of the perks of RIFT is that you get to see some cool gear that other members have put together. Electric breweries, 70 gallon systems, stuff like that. But I’m pretty sure nothing tops Rob’s mobile apple pressing trailer for sheer size and awesomeness in pursuit of fermented beverages. It was great to hang…

Big Brew 2013

RIFT joined thousands of other homebrewers around the country by celebrating National Homebrew Day with a Big Brew on May 4, 2013. Making full use of John C’s awesome system, we brewed 70 gallons of a dark mild ale, based on the AHA provided recipe. It was a great day to enjoy the spring weather…

October Meeting

Mark L hosted and we discussed a number of topics, including the potential participation of RIFT in next year’s AHA Club Night. We’re still waiting to learn what the details of the event are and if other members of the club are interested in helping and participating. Mark L has volunteered to take the lead.

AHA Big Brew 2011

RIFT joined thousands of other homebrewers around the world to celebrate National Homewbrew Day by brewing 50 gallons of Belgian wit at John C’s garage brewery. We had some great brews, chatted about techniques, and even roasted some coffee. Thanks to everyone who made it!

November’s Topic: English Pale Ales

The next RIFT Style Exploration Club Competition (in alignment with the AHA Club-Only Competition) will be on English Pale Ales (BCJP category 8). Therefore, for our upcoming November club meeting, we’ll be doing a style profile on the English Pale Ales as the competition kick-off. This will include reviewing BJCP parameters as well as tasting…

2010 Club Calendar of Events

June 6/24 – Club Meeting: Single Hop Beer Tasting (Round 2) July 7/10 – Club entries for the Dominion Cup are due to JW (for drive down to VA) 7/22 – Club Meeting: TBD August 8/1 – Blues & Brews Comp entry deadline 8/26 – Club Meeting: IPA Club-Only Comp Judging / Tasting September 9/23 – Club…